Oasis Communication Technologies

Our Solutions

Communications Networks

Either if you are a Telco carrier, a global organization deployed internationally or local small or medium organization with networking challenges – we care the same,

That’s what we do… Oasis

Oasis understands that data needs a solid and resource efficient network to stream, we offer vast solutions of switching, routing, load balancing, caching and monitoring in all scales from a local medium IT needs to a multinational telecommunications carrier

Our goal is providing our customers Oasis like they never expected – We will make your data move from peer to peer in the most efficient, cost effective, redundant and scalable as can be expected. We plan and design networking services for IP and MPLS networks, our offering include:

  • IP Audit for Network Convergence Readiness
  • IP Convergence
  • Layer 4-7 switching– to provide server load balancing and redundancy
  • QOS implementation
  • MPLS core technology & surrounding service implementation
  • Service deployment platforms with mainstream propriety vendors or open source solutions
  • IPv6 implementation
  • Multicast deployment
  • Wireless Networking; business grade wireless LAN, Public wireless LAN and wireless MAN and WAN
  • AAA services
  • Global Network and Co-location Services
  • Integration of security & content (VAS) related services in IP networks
  • Application acceleration solutions

Cyber Security

We understand today’s world risks and vulnerabilities; we work intensively keeping our Oasis guests SAFE!

In today’s vulnerable world, while cyber-attacks trend is rapidly expanding, it is essential to protect the organizational data and IP (Intellectual property) right on the “door step”. Oasis provides its customers a sentinel eye and protect its data assets start from the fortress walls all the way thorough gateways (mail, web), network ports and offers a single sign on, two factor authentication solutions. We don’t just install network devices, we know best how to protect your DATA, and the network is just the pipe for us. We will quarantine any suspicious misuse and block for analysis and decision suspected traffic and anomalies.

Keeping your Oasis as safe as technology provides, we do network monitoring and WAN Security solutions using the most advanced tools and methodologies for:

  • DOS/DDOS attack detection and mitigation
  • Perimeter security
  • Attack mitigation IDS and IPS systems
  • Remote access solution – IPSEC & SSL VPN
  • Gateways security (Mail, Web)
  • Network access control
  • Service Provider oriented security

Systems Infrastructure

We care about your business and understand the economical environments.

We plan and offer upon your needs and reflect options for growth. We don’t oversize neither shoot flies with canons.

We are known for master’s skills and a straight forward total cost of ownership achievements vendor.

Try our Oasis, you are welcome!

Oasis portfolio and skills contains 360 degrees offering around data platforms e.g. servers and operating systems (physical and virtual), cloud and data protection systems supporting data lifecycle from creation to retention. Storage systems (NAS, SAN, DAS), tapes and automated libraries, backup and recovery systems, high availability and disaster recovery systems.

We do infrastructure. We deliver water sources and planetary to create Oasis in the desert. We cover the data lifecycle from creation to retention.

We can help you plan, design, install and support the following challenges:

  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Server orchestration and automation
  • High availability (RPO, RTO metrologies) achievement
  • DRP – disaster recovery plan and execution (on premise or cloud)
  • Building your own private cloud platform
  • Backup and restore
  • Storage arrays (NAS, SAN, DAS) disk or tape