Oasis Communication Technologies

Our Customers

Brightsource Energy

"I have been working with Oasis almost from day one, and beyond the professionalism and dedication that characterizes their employees and management, I am very pleased with the approach guiding them: Oasis is focused on their customers' needs rather than pushing them a product."

- Shimi Ben-Baruch - Global VP of Information Technology at BrightSource


"Oasis provides solutions throughout the wide array of communication and information security technologies - Solutions that are both unique and up to date. Everytime we carried out a project with Oasis, we found them to be a committed partner."

- Uri Sabag - Global IT & Security Manager at Lumenis

Orbit Communication Systems

"I have known Oasis from their inception some 10 years ago. Even back than I understood that they are a platoon of IT commandos, the best of the industry, and this goes on until this day."

- Ilan Amir - IT Director at Orbit Communication Systems


Among our customers...